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From YOUNIQ to Linked Living to JOYN – This is how we can describe the development of UPARTMENTS Real Estate GmbH. We have managed and operated student and serviced – as well as business apartments, since 2009.

We started out with the YOUNIQ brand – and, today, we manage 14 YOUNIQ student apartment buildings at nine sites throughout Germany. YOUNIQ is fully aligned to its student target group and offers apartments with an average size of 22 m², fully furnished with a kitchen and bathroom; moreover, there is a launderette and a gym and, of course, there are also community lounges. The rent depends on the site and the size of the apartment – it is an all-in rent, including all utility and common charges, as well as internet access. Moreover, a YOUNIQ Residence Manager is available on site to answer the students’ questions and to solve problems every day. Today, more than 2,500 students are part of the YOUNIQ community and have found a home here.

“Don’t leave your life at home” is our leitmotif: JOYN is an innovative offer for Serviced Living, which provides temporary living to a new generation of business travellers all over Europe. Representing JOYN as an experience, not simply as a brand for temporary stays, we enter the young and growing segment of Serviced Living with our latest category of micro living. JOYN offers a range of positive and relevant features with a recognizable and outstanding interior design as well as different innovative services, a vivid community and best access to whatever the respective city has to offer. The lease term is from one day to a maximum of six months.

An overview of the brands of UPARTMENTS Real Estate GmbH


Stylish student Living (housing-industry concept)

Student Living

  • All-in concept (all-in rent, fully furnished apartments, internet, utilities included, Residence Manager on site, lounges, laundry room, etc.)
  • The YOUNIQ target group is students.
  • Central locations – ideal for universities and shopping facilities


Serviced Living (commercial concept)

Serviced Living

  • Serviced apartments for business travellers (professionals and executives) for stays between 1 day and 6 months (with a focus on the long-stay segment)
  • Upgrade your home: More sophisticated furnishings, hotel-like services, additional services for a fee

UPARTMENTS Real Estate – Background, Student Living

  • High potential demand: Growing numbers of students in Germany (internationalisation of higher education as a result of the Bologna process, more German students) and, on the other hand, an extreme housing shortage
  • There are not only many students – many are quite affluent. At least 27% of them have an average monthly income of EUR 900. 31% spend more than EUR 350 for their accommodation, including utilities and common charges.
  • More than half of the students (60%) have moved to another city for their studies, while less than half of first-time employees (41%) have moved. Approximately three quarters of those surveyed can imagine moving to another city temporarily for project work (76% of the students and 65% of the young professionals). Students consider an apartment size of 15-19m² as being sufficient, while young professionals require a minimum apartment size of 20m².
  • Students make high demands: They focus on looking for individual apartments and require services that make their day-to-day life easier – and they want a suitable balance between privacy and group living.
  • About one in four students (29%) rent their furnished apartments at present. Young professionals pay higher rents – with more than one half of them paying between EUR 500 and EUR 1,000 (52%). Almost one half of the students (42%) pay rent (including heating) of only EUR 300 to EUR 500.
  • The willingness to pay an adequate rent for an apartment has increased since 2009. 18% more of the students (24%) would pay more than EUR 400 for an apartment today. Throughout Germany, 55 % of students – i.e. far more than 1 million future professionals – pay more than EUR 350 for their apartments (including utilities and common charges) per month. If we adjust the rents for the YOUNIQ apartments for furnishings and the internet connection, this is the relevant target group for YOUNIQ! And, because of the generally higher incomes and rental levels found there, the percentage is even higher at the target sites.
  • As regards the advantages of a residential facility for students, the students cited – lower rents (85%), proximity to the university (76%) and being part of the student community (68%). Young professionals emphasised the lower rent (78%), communal living with other young people (67%) and the flexible lease period (51%), as reasons for choosing an apartment complex.

Over recent years, the willingness to pay a monthly rent (including heating) of more than € 400 has increased by more than 18%. Today, awareness of the fact that adequate living space comes at a proportionate price is much higher than it was in 2009.


  • 62% - up to 399€
  • 10% - 400€ to 499€
  • 13% - More than 5000€
  • 15% - No Statement


  • 51% - up to 399€
  • 17% - 400€ to 499€
  • 24% - More than 500€
  • 8% - No statement

The disposable monthly net income of students has hardly changed in the last few years. There has only been a slight shift in the category below € 499 and above € 1,000.


  • 29% - Less than 499€
  • 40% - 500€ to 1000€
  • 16% - More than 1000€
  • 15% - No statement


  • 32% - Less than 499€
  • 41% - 500€ to 1000€
  • 19% - More than 1000€
  • 8% - No statement

2016: More than three quarters of those surveyed find the YOUNIQ apartments and furnishings attractive and can imagine moving into a YOUNIQ property.


  • 87% - Yes
  • 13% - No

Young professionals

  • 67% - Yes
  • 33% - No

UPARTMENTS Real Estate – Background, Business Living

(based on a 2016 Forsa survey of qualified professionals and executives)

  • Growing demand for YOUNIQ student apartments also among professionals and business travellers
  • The mobile and flexible world of business increasingly requires people to go on work-related trips (business trips, meetings, training courses and project work, etc.)
  • Target group: Qualified professionals and executives, business travellers
  • Period of stay: 1 day to 6 months (short-stay, mid-stay, long-stay)
  • In addition to factors which are important for all target groups, such as quality, security and a good price-benefit ratio, aspects which are important in selecting accommodation for these purposes are furnishings and the rapid and easy provision of everything one needs for day-to-day life – as well as a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The “Student Living” concept has been optimised more and more over the past years. The positive experience gathered with this concept is being transferred to the “Service Living” segment since a large part of the services offered and of the property requirements are comparable.
  • In “temporary apartments” those surveyed emphasised hotel-like services, such as a breakfast offer, towel service and staff at reception: In short, a service provision and ambience concept tailored to the more sophisticated demands and wishes of the target group.

The survey regarding services has shown that 87% of those surveyed wanted simple and reliable booking with 73% also emphasising the option of booking online. Moreover, 73% requested laundry service, while 71% wanted a breakfast offer. In addition, a towel and laundry service was also assessed as being important. There should also be a luggage storage room and reception staffed during normal business hours.

Fast and reliable booking
Cleaning service
On-line booking option
Breakfast offer
Towel service
Linen service
Luggage storage (upon arrival or departure)
Personally staffed reception (all-day)
Room service
Snack and drinks dispenser
Daily newspaper
Bike rental
Wake-up service

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